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Moree Area Homelessness Service

Byamee Proclaimed Place Inc

Byamee Proclaimed Place Inc. has joined Shopnate.

Imagine being able to make a donation to Byamee Proclaimed Place every time you shop online and at no extra cost to you. Well that’s exactly how Shopnate works.
There are over 350 online retailers including names like Rebel Sport, Budget Direct, Priceline Pharmacy,Expedia.com.au, BooHoo.com and many more top brands

How your donations will help?
Donations from supporters will allow for the support of more people and the development of new ways to prevent people becoming homeless in the first place. It will allow avenues such as access to education, medical treatments, mental health services or even financial counselling services to those who may not normally get the chance.

How can I help Byamee Proclaimed Place just by shopping online?
Shopnate works with hundreds of leading stores that have signed up to donate a commission on every online purchase to the charity of your choice. This commission is already included in the price of what you’re buying, so you can support your favourite cause, at no extra cost to you.